Tuesday, November 20, 2007

thing 2

i believe in all the points of habits of learning.
all points are relevant. i've had these beliefs throughout my life.

cen childrens

the end of the tunnel is coming!
thanks to you for helping me with the 23 thingy things. you helped ease the stress which this whole program created for me.
thank you. thank you. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps after 23 things, i'll be human again.


thank you, jody for all the help yesterday.

thing 23 - completion - YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23 things was an exposure to the tech. world of many options to make one's life easier.
The blog is an interesting concept for expressing one's ideas and an exchange of thoughts. This is great if one has the time. It was good to learn about the sites, more search engines, youtube, podcasts, and audiobooks. Maybe some day I'll be able to spend more TIME on what I have learned or have been exposed to.

If offered another discovery program in the future, I would NOT participate based on the "unwritten rules" imposed on staff. Staff and I were led to believe that it was an exercise to "try" (completion was optional) despite my stating that I'm strapped for time as it is (stated on my contract). No adult service staff nor adminstration staff (except Cari )know how busy Central children's staff can be. Fitting in such a discovery training program was difficult to complete during work time. It could not be done at the Info. Desk because of the busy public service commitment/ priority. 3.5 hours left after 4 hours on the desk leaves time for in-hour/out-hour programming, program preparation, committee mtgs, projects, and other library obligations not mentioned on the job description. The timing of the program was at our busy time of year as well.

Because of the HELP and the DESK COVERAGE from my co-workers, I would not have completed this training.

I thank each and every one of central children's staff: ep, jl, th, jj, ms, so, ss, and bl. Each have been so helpful and understanding.

I wish that I could say this was a del.icio.us experience but it put a bad taste in my mouth. Perhaps if this discovery training program were offered in more digestible portions, I would have enjoyed it more.

thing 22 - downloadable audiobooks

netlibrary gives step by step transfer instruction via video. very clear with tips/hints.

project gutenburg - bebliographic record just like card catalog. free downloads.

thing 21

podcasts will help for loading music onto my mp3 player or share with friends.
listened to radio show, dennis prager show and pass on to others.

thing 20

saw tea party news clip and sent it to myself via email.